(English) How to delete a Facebook account permanently?

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You actual­ly have two opti­ons to get rid of Face­book:

  • you can deac­tiva­te your account (mea­ning it can be reac­tiva­ted any­ti­me after­ward by log­ging back in, alt­hough you will have lost your fri­ends list, pho­tos and inte­rests)
  • you can per­man­ent­ly dele­ting your account.

First I’ll cover deac­tivat­ing your account, fol­lo­wed by per­man­ent­ly dele­ting your account.

How to deactivate a Facebook account

1. Hit the menu but­ton in the top right-hand cor­ner. It’s the white one with three hori­zon­tal bars (not the blue one above it with the per­son next to it).


2. Scroll down to Account Set­tings, then Secu­ri­ty.


3. At the bot­tom of the Secu­ri­ty Set­tings page you’ll see Account > Deac­tiva­te. This is what you’­re loo­king for. Tap Deac­tiva­te.


4. You’ll be promp­ted to re-enter your pass­word. Do so.


5. You’ll then be taken to a depar­tu­re sur­vey asking you to exp­lain why you want to dele­te your Face­book account. You have to pick some­thing so do so.


6. Make sure to check the box at the bot­tom so you don’t get fol­low up emails from Face­book after you dele­te your Face­book account.

7. Tap Deac­tiva­te and you’ll be requi­red to enter your pass­word one final time. This is the very last step to deac­tivat­ing your account. Once you tap Deac­tiva­te you’ll be taken back to the app log­in screen. Don’t log­in again with this account. Use your other Face­book accounts!



How to delete a Facebook account permanently

To per­man­ent­ly dele­te your Face­book account, mea­ning it can never be resur­rec­ted, you have to spe­ci­fi­cal­ly request Face­book to do this. The pro­cess can take up to 90 days to be com­ple­ted!

Click here. in order to dele­te your account per­man­ent­ly. The link will open in your brow­ser and you have to log­in a last time!