Garden - වත්ත

Day Dreams

This year in spring, I mis­sed the bloo­m­ing of the tulips, daf­fo­dils and cro­cus­ses in our gar­den in Ber­lin, becau­se I was on duty in Sri Lan­ka! I also mis­sed the bloo­m­ing of our fruit trees. But now the day­li­lies have their time. And yes, after 24 hours the glo­ry of one sin­gle blosson is…

Mai in Lindenhain
Garden - වත්ත


Sor­ry, this ent­ry is only avail­ab­le in Ger­man. For the sake of view­er con­ve­ni­en­ce, the con­tent is shown below in the alter­na­ti­ve lan­guage. You may click the link to switch the active language.Erst der Win­ter, der gefühlt min­des­tens 200 Jah­re lang war, dann ein zag­haf­tes Früh­lings­er­wa­chen und jetzt ein zei­ti­ger Win­ter­be­ginn? (more…)