Responsi­ble for the content

The responsi­ble per­son for this web site accor­ding to §5 Ger­man Tele-Media Act ( TMG) is:

André Klatt
Pas­sauer Stra­ße 8, 10789 Ber­lin

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Lia­bi­lity for Content

We make every effort to keep the infor­ma­tion on our Web site cur­rent, but accept no lia­bi­lity whatsoever for the con­tent pro­vi­ded. Pur­suant to §7 par. 1 of Ger­man Tele-Media Act (TMG), the law limits our responsi­bi­lity as a ser­vice pro­vi­der to our own con­tent on the­se Web pages.

Accor­ding to §§8 to 10 of TMG, we are not obli­ga­ted to moni­tor third par­ty infor­ma­tion pro­vi­ded or stored on our Web site. Howe­ver, we shall prompt­ly remo­ve any con­tent upon beco­m­ing awa­re that it vio­la­tes the law. Our lia­bi­lity in such an instan­ce shall com­mence at the time we beco­me awa­re of the respec­tive vio­la­ti­on.

Lia­bi­lity for Links

Our site con­tains links to third-par­ty Web sites. We have no influ­ence whatsoever on the infor­ma­tion on the­se Web sites and accept no gua­ranty for its cor­rect­ness. The con­tent of such third-par­ty sites is the responsi­bi­lity of the respec­tive owners/providers.

At the time third-par­ty Web sites were lin­ked to ours, we found NO GROUNDS WHATSOEVER of any likely con­tra­ven­tion of the law. We shall prompt­ly dele­te a link upon beco­m­ing awa­re that it vio­la­tes the law.


The con­tent and works pro­vi­ded on the­se Web pages are gover­ned by the copy­right laws of Ger­many. Dup­li­ca­tion, pro­ces­sing, dis­tri­bu­tion, or any form of com­mer­cia­liza­tion of such mate­rial bey­ond the scope of the copy­right law shall requi­re the pri­or writ­ten con­sent of its respec­tive aut­hor or crea­tor.

Pri­vacy Statement

In accor­dance with the Ger­man Tele­ser­vice Data Pro­tec­tion Act (§4 I TDDSG), the fol­lo­wing notes will inform you about the collec­tion, pro­ces­sing and usa­ge of per­so­nal data.

When visit­ing this web­site, data about user access is collec­ted auto­ma­ti­cally. The­se data are wit­hout per­so­nal refe­rence and only data that are auto­ma­ti­cally trans­fer­red by your web brow­ser are collec­ted.

The collec­ted data inclu­de:

  • address of the reques­ted resour­ce
  • type and ver­sion of brow­ser and name and ver­sion of ope­ra­ting sys­tem
  • refer­rer (the address of the pre­viously visi­ted web­site)
  • host name of the acces­sing com­pu­ter (IP address)
  • date and time of ser­ver request

The­se data can­not be attri­bu­ted to spe­ci­fic per­sons. They are eva­lua­ted sole­ly for sta­tisti­cal pur­po­ses and to impro­ve our ser­vice. They will not be pas­sed on to third par­ties.

Use and dis­clo­sure of per­so­nal data

In case you have pro­vi­ded us with per­so­nal data, we will exclu­si­vely use this infor­ma­tion to ans­wer your inqui­ries, to pro­cess con­tracts con­clu­ded with you, and for tech­ni­cal admi­nis­tra­tion pur­po­ses.

Your per­so­nal data will only be pas­sed on to third par­ties if this is necessa­ry to pro­cess a con­tract, for bil­ling pur­po­ses or for legal rea­sons (e. g. in the case of an exter­nal audit).

Data Pro­tec­tion

Plea­se be awa­re that the­re are inherent secu­rity risks in trans­mit­ting data, such as e‑mails, via the Inter­net, becau­se it is impos­si­ble to safe­guard com­ple­tely against unaut­ho­ri­zed access by third par­ties. Nevert­he­l­ess, we shall safe­guard your data, sub­ject to this limi­ta­tion. In par­ti­cu­lar, per­so­nal infor­ma­tion will be trans­mit­ted via the Inter­net only if it does not infrin­ge upon third-par­ty rights, unless the respec­tive par­ty has given its pri­or con­sent in view of such secu­rity risks. Accor­din­gly, as the Web site pro­vi­der, we shall not be held lia­ble for any dama­ges incur­red as a con­se­quence of such secu­rity risks or for any rela­ted acts of omis­sion on our part.

We oppo­se the use of any avail­able con­tact infor­ma­tion by a third par­ty for sen­ding unso­li­ci­ted adver­ti­se­ments. As the Web site pro­vi­der, we reser­ve the express right to take legal action against unso­li­ci­ted mai­ling or e‑mailing of spam and other simi­lar adver­ti­sing mate­ri­als.

Right to information

Upon request, com­pa­nies ope­ra­ting in Ger­many must pro­vide you with your per­so­nal data that they store about you in wri­t­ing (§ 34 of the Federal Ger­man Data Pro­tec­tion Act — BDSG). In addi­tion, you can inqui­re whe­re the data were collec­ted, to whom they are dis­clo­sed and the pur­po­ses for which they have been stored. The infor­ma­tion must be pro­vi­ded free of char­ge (§ 34 BDSG).

To this end, we will be hap­py to pro­vide you with infor­ma­tion con­cerning your per­so­nal data upon writ­ten request.


If any of the­se Terms is or beco­mes ille­gal, inva­lid or unen­force­able in any juris­dic­tion, that shall not affect: (a) the lega­lity, vali­dity or enforce­a­bi­lity in that juris­dic­tion of any other Term or (b) the lega­lity, vali­dity or enforce­a­bi­lity in other juris­dic­tions of that Term or any other Term.

We reser­ve the right to vary or amend the­se terms and con­di­ti­ons from time to time. Any chan­ges shall take effect upon pos­ting to this Web­site.